116 - Valedictory

July 5, 2017
Today's installment marks the final Actual Conversations With My Kids comic. Flapjack's remarks on life seem like a particularly thoughtful place to leave off, and I'm happy to give Flapjack the last word.

In real life, I'll (obviously) continue having conversations with my kids, conversations that move me, exasperate me, and amuse me no end, I'm sure. But as the kids wade into puberty, their need for privacy becomes more important, and I'll no longer be sharing these conversations with the world. Still, the web site will stay up as a kind-of scrapbook, a record of some of my favorite memories of their childhoods.

As is always the case at the end of a lengthy endeavor, there are people to thank and acknowledge. For example:

  • Artist Liv Wisely's boundless talent and indefatigable enthusiasm has kept this project alive for the past year and a half. It's been a joy collaborating with her.
  • Michael Ray Wisely offered support and counsel for the duration of the project.
  • Erin Gould introduced me to Liv in the first place, thus making this project possible.
  • My wife, Kate Dionne, is my partner in this parenting adventure. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else.
  • Otter and Flapjack are a daily source of delight, whose wit and wisdom are the reason this project exists.
  • And finally, thank you to you, the readers, for coming along with us. It's been a genuine pleasure sharing these conversations with you.

-Greg Tulonen