Actual Conversations With My Kids is a non-fiction web comic documenting 100% verbatim interactions with two kids, as transcribed by Greg Tulonen and illustrated by Liv Wisely. It launched April 4, 2016, and featured a new comic every Monday and Wednesday. The final comic was released July 5, 2017.

A note from Greg:
From the moment each of my two kids could talk, they've been coming out with stuff that moves me, amazes me, and (most often) cracks me right up. I'd been transcribing these interactions for the better part of a decade, sharing them with friends and family, before I hit upon the idea of presenting them in comics form. But I can't draw (like, at all), so it seemed to be an idea stuck in idea limbo (where so many good ideas languish). Then a friend introduced me to Liv Wisely, who was the perfect fit for the project. She dove right in, revealing a unique talent and boundless enthusiasm.

The interactions depicted on these pages are, as the title implies, actual conversations I've had with (or overheard between) my two kids. Not one word has been invented or embellished. Because they're real conversations and not scripted, they don't always have the setup-punchline rhythm of regular comic strips, but they're nonetheless interesting and funny — at least to me.

They are not presented in chronological order, but rather jump around the years, with a visual cue in each comic indicating the child's age at the time of the conversation.


Greg Tulonen is the head writer of the web series Ragged Isle and co-creator of the web series The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones. Greg has published fiction and non-fiction in The Florida Review, The Madison Review, Hampshire Life, Middlebury Magazine, Time Out New York, Dispatch Magazine, and elsewhere. He lives in Auburn, Maine with his wife Kate and their two kids, whose names are not really Otter and Flapjack. (Greg's web site)

Liv Wisely is a friendly humanoid from outer space, somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. She is responsible for several online children's books, as well as a few small graphic novels made purely for the amusement of her family. Her attempts at writing a novella have been challenging, but she is still in the editing process at the moment. Needless to say, she is exceedingly grateful to be given the chance to work with Greg, and to work on perfecting her craft. She thanks him profusely, and hopes that she will make him proud!